You need an account to add actual or virtual golfscores. Please send a mail to to request one. Without an account you can only view scores and golfcourses.

Adding scores

There are 2 ways to add a new score:

  1. Use menu "Add-golfscore" to add scores for golfcourses that you played earlier (each course you play will be remembered and listed in the dropdown for the golfcourse in the form)
  2. Find the golfcourse via the "View" menu. You can either search in the list or use google maps. If the golfcourse does not exist on this site then you have to "Add this first" (Use the "Add-golfcourse" for this).

When adding a score for a course the par-values of the course will be automically listed if this data exists. If no par-values exist then this can be added to the golfcourse (find the golfcourse and edit). 

You can track you ball positions on googlemap. This will include distances. This is a nice feature to captues longest distance, nearies, learies,  birdies, eagles or hole-in-once that you want to remember.  

Adding virtual scores

Virtual scores are nice to list your best score. Everybody likes to remember the holes they played well. So if all best-played holes were selected as an ideal round what would it be? The result is of course you score if you would perform optimal (you can do it )

Adding courses

If a course does not exist you can easily add it. The minimum you need to provide is name and position on googlemaps. In addition you can add the par-values, course layout and images (on certain positions of the course to show how a hole looks like in practice). And of course the data you added is visible and can be used by others. 

Viewing scores

This explains itself.

Viewing courses

This explains itself. In addition you can view all your-played courses on googlemaps. Or view your favorites


As with any community you can leave comments on scores and golfcourses.